To thrive in today’s tight economy you must deliver more value and a higher quality of service than your competition.

One of the best and easiest ways to add value is by giving your clients the BenSelect enrollment system by Selerix.

The BenSelect system simplifies and streamlines all of your clients’ benefits enrollment and maintenance, minimizes enrollment errors, and ensures compliance. This extremely flexible system can be configured to accommodate most enrollment requirements.

BenSelect helps you sell more of the right products to your clients by encouraging their employees to increase their voluntary benefits participation. And because the system isn’t tied to a single carrier, you can mix and match products from different carriers to find the best solution for your clients.

More sales for you, better options, and a complete enrollment system for your clients. It’s an easy win-win for everyone.

The system includes enrollment and admin websites for each client, custom-branded with their colors and logo. Your clients can also add custom communications to the enrollment website via video, graphics, and PDF files.

With the system, your clients can manage their entire core and voluntary benefits enrollment. Employees appreciate how the system helps them understand all the options available through their compensation plans so they can make informed decisions. And experience proves that employees prefer to select voluntary benefits during their core benefits enrollment, increasing overall participation and generating more sales for you.

As you can imagine, the BenSelect system will reduce the demands on your client’s HR department, saving them time and money while increasing employee satisfaction. Their entire enrollment system and data will be located in one place, right at their fingertips.

And that builds loyalty to you. Besides gratitude to you for providing them with BenSelect, why would they ever want to switch brokers and give up the savings and convenience?

Learn more about how BenSelect can help you increase sales and client loyalty by requesting a live online demo.

*You may be able to get the BenSelect system for your clients at no cost. Please contact us for more information.