Implementation Process

BenSelect Implementation ProcessEvery client who chooses the BenSelect system receives a powerful and comprehensive set of tools for managing their benefits enrollment.

And if the idea of “powerful” scares you, don’t worry. As a BenSelect client, you have the option to configure BenSelect yourself or contract with Selerix to do it for you. Selerix’s implementation process ensures that your BenSelect setup goes smoothly, without steep learning curves or the need for your own in-house team of programmers and technical gurus.

You supply your requirements and census data, and we’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

If your organization chooses to have Selerix perform the implementation, we will assign a project manager specifically for your implementation. Your project manager oversees the implementation according to our structured methodology, conducts regular reviews with your team, and obtains sign-offs from you during each phase.

The BenSelect client implementation process usually requires a 45-day timeframe for most groups engaging in core and voluntary enrollments. It breaks down into three phases: Elaboration, Construction, and Service.

BenSelect Implementation Process


In this phase your Selerix implementation team gathers your requirements (client questionnaire, specialized EDI data requirements, etc.), compiles census data, reconciles the census with stated rules and plan designs from the carrier, and develops the test outline.


The implementation integrates case-specific assets (such as communications materials), configures the system, tests highlighted items, and loads the census. The client then reviews the construction.


In the final phase, the implementation team deploys the system, trains your users, completes the EDI configuration, wraps up enrollment, audits results, and schedules files for delivery.

The client signs off on artifacts (data and materials supplied by your organization and imported into BenSelect) from each implementation phase to assure successful results.