Our Story

Selerix Systems was founded September 2002 by three veteran software developers who worked together at SelectQuote, where they developed substantial expertise in the life insurance industry. Under their new company, Selerix, they would go on to consult and develop large-scale strategies for employer benefit administration solutions, work-site marketing, and employee benefit enrollment.

The BenSelect system was developed by the Selerix team over a number of years. Over time, the initial enrollment capability was enhanced to become a benefits administration system with broad capabilities. Selerix’s first client, a 5,000-life healthcare network in the Southwest, went live on the BenSelect system in May 2003. BenSelect has been used continuously since 2003 to administer benefits for both large and small groups.

Significant milestones for Selerix include licensing of the BenSelect solution by 13 major Carriers/Licensees over the past 10 years. These companies saw the appeal of offering a powerful end-to-end solution to employers in need of a benefits administration platform. This modern administrative solution established a foundation for large-scale employee benefit administration including: enrollment/marketing of voluntary work-site products, ongoing enrollments and life events, and electronically exporting ongoing activity on a regular basis. The BenSelect solution has continued to evolve and empower its users with new features, including ACA Reporting and Decision Support tools.