The perfect blend of flexibility and power for the audience that matters most.

At Selerix, we understand the frustration you might experience with benefit administration systems that are inflexible, cumbersome to implement, and ultimately fail to meet the expectations of all stakeholders involved.

That understanding is why carriers love us. Selerix Systems was founded by experienced software developers who spent years in the insurance and benefits industries before starting Selerix. We understand the value of retaining books of business and ensuring valuable premium is handled seamlessly between platforms.

We maintain 100% of support in-house at our Texas-based headquarters and over 90% of our software development team under that same roof.

Our implementation team works personally with every client, so we know what employers want. By listening to our clients and incorporating that feedback into our software, we believe that we’ve created a benefits enrollment system that will meet nearly any employer’s needs.

Of course, security and privacy are a top priority. We employ best-in-class security practices throughout the system. Read more about our security practices here or if you would like to schedule a demo, our sales team would be happy to assist. Contact us at