20.1 System Release Notes – Scheduled Release

August 14, 2020 (20.1.2020.0814)
Note – Next scheduled release is September 4, 2020


System Wide Updates

Add Location information to employee in Virtual Enrollment Assistance lobbies   64653
Adds the name of the employee’s work location to the two virtual enrollment assistance lobbies.

Allow self-service life events to be signed with “Click to Sign” if the Benefit Confirmation form allows “Click to Sign”   65608
This change will allow groups that have employees single sign on from other platforms into their enrollment use the same signature method for self-service life events as allowed on the Benefit Confirmation form. If Click to Sign is not enabled on the Benefit Confirmation form, life events will still require a PIN signature.

Message indicating multiple plan years appearing on single plan year case   59700
Adds checks to be sure a message indicating that a prior plan year’s elections are complete should not show in a case with only one plan year.

Require “Case Type” to be selected on case copy rather than defaulting   65010
When copying a case, the option for “Case Type” will now require a selection rather than defaulting to “Archive”.

Create paginated list of cases when selecting multiple cases for a report   64067
This change adds the ability to page through a full list of cases to which the user has access when selecting cases for a multi-case report.

Pagination broken on “Scheduled” tab of plug-ins   64415
Fixes UI issue with broken pagination on the “Scheduled” tab of report plug-ins.

Some deletion events (such as Divorce) not showing up on Deletions scope reporting   60476
Fixes a bug recently introduced that broke determination of previous non-waived coverage after an event that removes a dependent from coverage, such as a divorce, which then could cause the divorce to not show up on Deletions-scoped COBRA reporting.

Leave of Absence change not shown on Work History tab of employee   62973
Corrects an issue that caused Leave of Absence to not show on the Work History tab of employees.