Simplified Enrollment, Without Compromises

Everyone wins with a truly simplified benefits enrollment system—carriers, brokers and enrollment specialists, and especially employers and employees.

When Selerix Systems undertook the creation of BenSelect, we didn’t make the mistake of assuming that “simplified” meant limited, underpowered, or otherwise stripped down.

To us, “simple” means a system that does everything you need it to do, reliably, and easily. No worries and no complications.
That’s the goal we achieved with BenSelect—to provide benefits enrollment, communications, reporting, administration, and simplified data exchange in one easy-to-use, reliable, and flexible package.

Our implementation process ensures that every employer has a system that has been configured to their exact requirements. We believe the system should fit your business, rather than your business trying to fit the system.

It’s also the reason why the web-based software resides on our own enterprise-class servers, managed by Selerix personnel, with Dallas-area co-location and disaster recovery sites. The system incorporates all the data and systems security you would expect from a leader in enrollment systems (see more about our security here).

By hosting the web-based portion of the system on our own servers, you can be assured of always having the latest versions of the software available and none of the IT headaches or expense of self-hosting.

Powerful and Flexible

Your business is unique, with its own combination of benefits, plans, and providers. So we designed BenSelect from the ground up to handle diverse groups with complex eligibility rules and plan designs. Our robust event-driven scripting model ensures that the system can handle enrollment of practically any benefit plan design, eligibility rule, or dependency. The diagram below illustrates the design options available.


BenSelect has built-in support for age-banded plans, multiple underwriting classes (such as Tobacco/Non-Tobacco), age-banded Guaranteed Issue limits, and multiple tiers. The system supports 14 distinct enrollment engine types, not counting bridge engines specifically tailored to communicate with a specific carrier’s enrollment software. The system also supports interrelationships between plans.

Online and Offline Options

The heart of BenSelect resides in two websites available across the Internet, one for enrollment and an administration website. A standalone laptop version is available for offline enrollment.

In addition, Selerix offers the BenefitAgent website, which operates independently of the client’s BenSelect installation, but which allows anyone the ability to build new groups that can be used in your BenSelect enrollment website.