It’s Good to Have Choices.

Payroll Data Integration Simplified.

The flexibility of BenSelect is truly on display with the ability to integrate with virtually any employer, insurer, payroll or third-party vendor. 

The BenSelect system accommodates all levels of users, allowing advanced users to create customized payroll extracts, or novice users taking advantage of our expanding library of pre-built reports.

Data can be transferred to via conventional eligibility files (data) and/or document images (typically Adobe Acrobat). Data transfers can be performed manually (ad hoc reports) or scheduled for delivery in batches.

In addition, BenSelect provides a plug-in component for transmitting files to external file servers. This plug-in supports various delivery methods, including FTP, SFTP, FTPS, or SecureTransport. Delivery is completely automated and files may be automatically encrypted using PGP.

Multiple carriers and product lines? Not an issue, BenSelect has you covered.

BenSelect seamlessly supports multi-carrier reporting when applicants enroll in products from more than one carrier. Click here to learn more about our industry-leading selection of established carrier partners.

For employers participating in Section 125 plans, BenSelect’s Report Scheduler supports rapid configuration of extracts, including the ANSI834 format, which is accepted by carriers for most Section 125 plans.

In short, BenSelect offers exceptional connectivity with carriers and payroll systems. If you need data delivered to a specific destination, don’t reinvent the wheel. BenSelect can help.

Simple, secure, and accurate data transfers.

Once your enrollment data is in the system and ready for delivery, you can rest easy that BenSelect will deliver your data to its destination: quickly, securely, accurately, and properly formatted.

BenSelect supports a variety of data extracts and reports, plus secure manual and scheduled data and document delivery to carriers and payroll systems.

Data transfers are performed by the Report Server. The Report Server creates the reports and extracts and places them on a secure website for download. Those files can then be accessed only by authenticated users to whom those reports are addressed.

For file transmission to external file servers, BenSelect provides a plug-in component that completely automates the file delivery process. This plug-in supports various delivery methods, including FTP, SFTP, FTPS, or SecureTransport. For additional security, you can set files to be automatically encrypted using PGP before transfer.

The system provides data transfer and format capabilities:

  • Manual (ad hoc) and scheduled delivery (in batches) data transfers.
  • HIPAA-compliant ANSI 834 extracts
  • MS Excel
  • MS Access databases
  • Text files (delimited or fixed length)
  • ANSI 834 (HIPAA-compliant format)
  • HTML
  • Adobe PDF
  • XML
  • Image (PDF document) and conventional data transfers to carriers
  • Forms transmittal
  • Custom data transfers to payroll systems (via the Payroll Extract plug-in)
  • Data transmission to single and multiple carriers
  • Custom data integration is also available for imports, extracts, ANSI834 extract configuration, and single sign-on (using a web service).

Keep your EDI on track with BenSelect.

Get it right the first time. BenSelect features a Quality Assurance report designed to scan your data set for potential data errors before transmission.

Timing matters. The BenSelect report scheduler ensures that time intervals are consecutive when processing reports. This ensures that the same records are not transmitted multiple times and that no time intervals are inadvertently missed.


Need to research a previous report?  Not a problem. Depending on the report type, BenSelect keeps records of reports sent by the system. These fields are retained by the system for up to 90 days.