BenSelect supports Single Sign-On (SSO) integration

What is Single Sign-On?

SSO simplifies enrollment by enabling users to access the Selerix system and related integrated websites using one login instead of requiring a separate login (user ID and password) for each site. SSO may be implemented using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) or Selerix’s QX Enrollment Web Service. The solution is not platform specific.

Single Sign-On enables an employee or agent to log onto the employer’s enrollment site without the hassle of an additional login step. Single Sign-On also allows Plug-‘N-Play enrollment of many voluntary benefit products with trusted enrollment systems

With Selerix’s SSO

A single login grants employees and agents access to the employer’s site and applicable Selerix sites. In most situations, census data is transferred along with security information for an integrated site. Not only can you forget about multiple login IDs and passwords, but you will only need to enter census data once.


Without Selerix’s SSO

In a non-SSO session, an employee or agent must enter a separate user ID and password for each site. In addition to multiple login IDs for each site, an employee may need to enter duplicate census information – which often is not identical between multiple systems.  Divergent data translates to a greater likelihood of errors.