Monitoring and Maintenance

Our guarantee of 99.9% up-time for our BenSelect customers requires continuous monitoring of the BenSelect servers and applications.

We employ extensive health checking, real-time alerting and logging to track network availability, web server operation, database operation and system utilization. This extensive monitoring results in the real-time notification of support personnel so they can resolve potential issues quickly, with little to no impact on system performance.

To preserve system stability, we always test and evaluate all system and deice updates or feature upgrades before deploying them to the production environment. We install updates to the operating system within 3 days of notification, with maintenance usually occurring during off-peak hours (unless otherwise arranged in advance with customers).

To accomplish our goals of speedy response times with no bottlenecks, we deploy BenSelect on a scalable cluster of servers. This server infrastructure scales simply by adding extra application and report servers.

Selerix maintains servers at two SAS 70 audited and PCI compliant Class A hosting facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Both facilities offer 24/7 onsite support and redundant HVAC and power backup.

This server cluster provides continuous bandwidth of 10 megabits/second, with burst capability up to 100 megabits. Additional bandwidth is readily available at the same facility, up to 1 gigabit/second, so data transfer speed will never become an issue.

Client databases are backed up within the cluster to the standby database server. In addition, backups are encrypted and copied to the off-site location at 15-minute intervals.

Global load balancing is in place to ensure that users always have access to applications and data, even if service to the primary data center is interrupted. If the primary site fails, the secondary site automatically takes over. Load balancing ensures that our customers receive the best experience possible when interacting with the BenSelect system.

  • Servers are owned, operated, and maintained by Selerix employees
  • Redundant and fault-tolerant servers, Geographically separate SOC, PCI and HIPAA compliant data centers
  • Separate power grids fed by multiple sub-stations
  • Advanced network operating center (NOC) and 24/7 hands on technical support
  • Secured facilities, bio-metric locks, 24/7 video monitoring, and escorted data center access